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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 31, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. the clock's ticking down to 2014 so it must be time for some great viral videos "right this minute." ♪ ♪ >> sky diving with inflatable toys. >> seems like a lot of fun. >> why it was until it led to a dead spin that led to this. some dudes are out duck hunting in a boat. >> something's about to pay them a visit. >> what it's like to be the target of an obsessed seal.
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>> what do you do when cliff diving is not challenging enough? meet the guys who amped it up to a whole new level. plus a little girl in the lingerie store with mommy. >> and the cameras come out at a party. see who got caught doing what. >> when you are an avid sky diver and you're very comfortable up in the skies, why not have a little fun like these guys who decided to bring along their inflatable pool toys. we have the angle of rick winkler, he's a legit sky diver. he's the founder of he has this inflatable turtle. everyone's sort of on something. seems like a lot of fun, that is until the inflatable toy decides
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to wrap itself around your leg, sending you on an uncontrollable spin cycle of death! >> look at how fast he is going to. >> and he can't just shake it off his leg? >> apparently he wasn't able to do that. he was doing about six revolutions per second. really, really, really fast. >> how ironic is an inflatable tool toi to keep you safe. >> but still, it had already caused the damage. >> oh! >> two black eyes and broken cap larrys.
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>> from the g-forces of spinning around so fast? >> yeah. >> looks like something from halloween. >> if this isn't gnarly, i don't know what is. >> this is from kpd. they're out there hunting their sea ducks. something's about to pay them a visit. keep in mind what i said can be in this water. watch. >> right here. >> coming up behind you here. >> what's in there, what's in there? >> you say if you're going to shoot or not. >> saw a flash of it for a second. >> not a dog but dog-like. >> oh! that's awesome. >> hey, what's up? what you guys doing? >> a little seal. doesn't it look like he's trying
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to escape something? they said in their video this area is known for sharks. maybe this seal was trying to get the hick out of. >> he did crawl on to the boat and laid on the guy's chest with the camera. so the guy with the camera gives it to his buddy. you can see the seal just chilling on the guy's chest. he wrote all i was thinking about was the thing biting me in the face because i was so close. he was trying to put him back in the water, too and the guy just wanted to ainge out.
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>> i'm thinking he is playing these guys are part of the joy riders youtube video. >> daniel rosenbury, they're going to coat him down in fire retardant gel. there he's got two flames in his hand. the flame runs off his back, runs around in a circle and off the cliff he goes. >> oh, geez. that flame and heat going right into this face.
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stops this dump perfectly' as -- my entire is like you said. >> so daniel, the question is did you get burned if. >> i actually a dill will little bit. >> including -- take to originally have it didn't work because the wind couldn't keep the fire going all the time. >> we did some testing and it was our first timing and.
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>> why light yourself off the. >> i just feel like it's such a great opportunity to be in a controlled environment and feel like what it's like to be on fire. >> whoo who who. are you good? >> yeah. zchlkt check out this group of partiers. we found this one on juke n. >> >> look at the pin. >> look at the window, second floor. his shirt is off. she's still wearing hers. >> so they're screaming "take it off." then in the middle of the chant,
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the guy moves all the way, the girl walks over to the window, notices that she -- >> how do you not know that the window is wide open? >> especially if they're chanting. wouldn't you be curious about what they're chanting? >> well, you never see them pop back up again. who knows. >> taking. >> see the miraculous escape of
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[ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. you know when you get in the elevator with your dog, you got to be real careful because dogs will get away from that'st han video. you see the dog, the puck.
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the dog goes in like she's used to. the woman is holding the dog with her body. she's trying to get the dog to come in. there's a man holding eggs. and the door is closing, the dog doesn't go in. he's holding it, trying to help the dogs and hold his eggs at the same time. the dog goes out and the dog falls. >> what are the chances? who carries a big pallet of eggs? >> he's got a tray of eggs that dump all over him are ridiculously funny. >> it looks like a slap stick comedy bit. >> it looks like the halter on the dog got away quickly. >> the could be fake because we wou
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would. >> if you didn't have the eggs, it would be easier. but the eggs are the real ex-factor here. >> to pull off some real neat stunts is awesome. these come from the crooked world bmx. this was captured in 2013 from all around the world. and then we just break into fail after fail, guys landing on their knees and their faces. >> this proves these guys aren't envincible. to pull off the stuff you probably have to bite it a few times. >> nothing works like your bike.
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>> because you see it coming. >> and you know something bad's about to happen. >> this one made me is. >> wh>> oh! >> he landed it and then he flu forward! >> some of these impacts look like these guys will never ride a bike again. >> i bought these. >> all in his favor of there's
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the hill 2-year-old salon. she is in the ling ray section of a department store. >> we're busy. >> which ones do you like? >> pee pee, pee pee, i need pee pee. >> she's expressing the view of a lot of men. >> she doesn't realize what bras are. to her this is a store floor of boobies. and she's so perplexed by the magnitude of this place and how many boobies there are. >> i'm even a little bit overwhelmed. how do you choose when you're a girl and you go -- >> there's a lot of of chak .
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>> it's a brother-on-brother tape job. but the mom, find out what's harp erp, her scissor or her tongue. >> and kayaking around a volcano. see what it was like to paddle through boiling water.
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only two brothers would get themselves in a scenario that looks like this. >> it's skin, ears, everything! >> ah! >> oh! >> okay, okay, okay. >> that is a bunch of like packing tape wrapped around brother jack's face, head, hair and hands. brother paul kennedy did this to him. >> this does seem like something siblings would do to each other. >> the poor mother. >> the mom is the real start of
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the video because of all the things she says to these boys. >> you should call this eye gloshses. >>. >> eyebrows after this? >>. >> or skin. >> and it's wrapped around.
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>>. >> >> and look at the back. there's a pen in there. >> poor little brother. >> the fact that this is going to send this guy in an irrational panic attack. >> look at this. . >> a brizilyian kayaker and two of his buddy, chris and ben stooksbury, you recall are pat willing around the waters just off the floor all part of their
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aock van maybe the water will be a little warmer. >> they also got to walk around some tom of the earth ses freshest crush. >> whole island gone grown in like the last ten years. >> this whole expedition was part of a big trip around big island, hawaiiy, wall pool, all to look for fresh locations to one.
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>> two dudes take a snap at a new golf shot. >> you put a tee in your fourth and we're going to see in the tall hits
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♪ ♪ >> i warn you guys, i'm about to show you broken fingers. this guy, his name is peanut, s finger cut or finger cutting. basically it amounts to very flexible fingers. basically he's doing all different kinds of things. peanut is from the bay area. he did this in collaboration with the youtube channel, channel silver. doing the finger tut.
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this is just one of his creations inspired by egyptian hieroglyphics you would see painted on the wall. >> he's like dancing with his fingers. >> a lot of different dancers will have a specialty, are very flexible. this guy seems to have very flexible hands so he created this routine. >> dad makes a very good doorman. go ahead, let him in. let him in. uh-oh. good job, inky. >> good job. once every couple of months we find ourselves a video that looks a lot like this. a couple of bros. >> we got this from juken video. >> you put the tee in your mouth
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and we're going to hit the golf ball at the tee. >> why do so many dudes try this and why is there always a beverage in at least one of their grounds. >> there we go. a. >> now here comes the swing. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, no. >> oh! i did not see that coming! >> no! >> oh. >> maybe like a centimeter, a few millimeters. >> you didn't even see any part of the point. that thing pierced his tongue. that's got to hurt. >> i was expecting a good thump to the side of the head. >> or a broken nose. >> we've never seen this. >> i like one of the commenters
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on the blog wrote, "i call this a hole in tongue." >> that's going to do it for us on "right this minute." we're going to leave you with vh-1's number one video, it's "blurred lines" by robin thicke. ♪ i know you want it, you're a good girl ♪ can't let it get past me, it's the third time ♪ i know you want it, i know you want it ♪ i know you want it, but you're
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lye from new york city city, it's "wendy williams." today, rachel maddow gives wendy her take of today's headlines, plus lloyd boston has you covered with fabulous gifts and all of the latest juicy hop topics. now, here's wendy. ♪


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